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What is a Fuzzball?

  • One question I hear more than any other is What's a Fuzzball??" Allow me to explain:

    A Fuzzball is a 30-year-old fallen debutante who lives in Houston, TX with a bossy dog and an even bossier parrot who she SWEARS is the reincarnation of Napoleon Bonaparte.

    A Fuzzball prefers animals to most people, because people can really suck sometimes.

    A Fuzzball loves music, ALL music ALL of the time. If she's not listening to it, then she's singing it.

    A Fuzzball has a mad love for all things British, especially their actors.

    A Fuzzball is blissfully happy in a bookstore, preferably one with good music playing in the background. If you look under a Fuzzball's bed you'll usually find an entire library of books that she has dropped there after falling asleep reading.

    Fuzzballs are usually incurable romantics, ridiculously optimistic, and bent on making the world a happier place.

    Your typical Fuzzball will probably have a completely bizarre sense of humor. Just go with it, it will take you to funny places.

    You should also be aware that Fuzzballs are giant nerds. Seriously. Science fiction, computers, the whole shebang.

    Fuzzballs are also budding photographers. They love looking at the world through a lens and finding new ways to be creative.

    Oh...and you can also look for a Fuzzball in one of the best movies ever made. ;)

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Only ONE thing I love about you? Only ONE? Come on, how's about these: you are an Aries, Aries rule! You sing like the most beautiful bird in the forest, your sense of humor is a riot, you are astute, smart, well-informed, an unabashed lover of animals (and some people, like the best friend anybody EVER had), talented, Whew! Need I go on. I think NOT! I like you, I really, really do! Well, not really, I LOVE YOU,MAN!!
OK, I'm biased, but what the hell are relatives for anyway. And Bandyman loves you, and Maggie loves you, and Laurie loves you and Emma loves you and, and . . . .


Oh, did I forget to mention that I love you because you are headstrong, stubborn, independent, and occasionally irascible, just like one of your relatives? :-) OK, maybe not irascible, that comes with age!


Have you stopped over at that quick mart lately? I am sure that register quy can help you out.


and of course Cealie-lee loves you to pieces!


Now that's what uncles are for, thanks T. Tommy. :)

Thanks Cec :)

Bombadil, I'm disappointed in you. :P

Damn I really feel like shit.


Just ONE thing? Okay, although I could name a couple: Dammit chica you are fuckin' FUNNY! Thanks for the link in a past post by the way, I procrastinate so I didn't get to comment there so I'll comment here on that also :) You are a rockin' fuzzball and don't let anybody else tell you differently. Although if they do, you have my permission to beat them silly with a dammit doll (that's what we're threatening to do to my boss, and just the image of it makes us all laugh, so I thought maybe it would help you a bit) :)


+ "Laugh It Up Fuzzball" is easily the second best blog name out there.
+ "Saved by the Bell?" Only a person of distinct intellect and taste would choose such a fine TV show to showcase.
+ Most importantly, you have total strangers who read your scrivening, and they keep coming back to do so.

And you don't even need to wear that Rosario Dawson getup to get them to show up, either.


Thanks, Pete and Erin, that's just what I needed.

And you don't even need to wear that Rosario Dawson getup to get them to show up, either.

I'm waiting for the inevitable response from Bombadil, something like, "...but it couldn't hurt!"


Locke (from Lost)

Tracy. Funny seeing you here.

*stops carving wooden object so as to stare creepily into your eyes and soul*

Something on your mind?

*sticks blade into the ground before you can answer; leans against a nearby tree where gutted squirrels are hanging*

I think that you think you need some sort of pep talk. That right? Is that what you think you need, Tracy, a pep talk? Someone to tell you that you're loved and that you're special and that you're unique and fun? Well, let me tell you something, Tracy, though I doubt its what you're lookin' to hear.

*long, cleansing breath*

Tracy, everything you need and want to hear about yourself you already know. At least you should already know it. I don't care what has happened to you in the past. I don't care what events have caused you to doubt yourself or feel bad about yourself. That's all over. We're on this island -- all of us, together, whether we like it or not -- and this is our time to start over. A time to change those things about ourselves we can, and a time to re-embrace those things about ourselves that we should.

You already know everything you want to hear about yourself.

*leans in close, lips touching your ear*

(whispering) You just need to listen...

*a sound in the distance interrupts the conversation*

What was that? You stay right here. I'll be back.

*picks up knife from the ground, runs into the jungle, where, I dunno, a big fucking talking polar bear or something flys away in a spaceship*


*Steps up cautiously* Hey, I just started reading, and I'm enjoying! Small crumb of a compliment, I know........


Man, that Locke pep talk was just what I needed. Now I'll go find a hot criminal-type guy with lots of scruff and a long Southern drawl, ravage him in the woods, and then go, I don't know, try to talk to the beat-up Korean guy. Dude needs some friends, I mean, seriously people. Yikes.

Hey, new reader, thanks byakko! You're always welcome here in Crazytown: population ME. :)

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