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What is a Fuzzball?

  • One question I hear more than any other is What's a Fuzzball??" Allow me to explain:

    A Fuzzball is a 30-year-old fallen debutante who lives in Houston, TX with a bossy dog and an even bossier parrot who she SWEARS is the reincarnation of Napoleon Bonaparte.

    A Fuzzball prefers animals to most people, because people can really suck sometimes.

    A Fuzzball loves music, ALL music ALL of the time. If she's not listening to it, then she's singing it.

    A Fuzzball has a mad love for all things British, especially their actors.

    A Fuzzball is blissfully happy in a bookstore, preferably one with good music playing in the background. If you look under a Fuzzball's bed you'll usually find an entire library of books that she has dropped there after falling asleep reading.

    Fuzzballs are usually incurable romantics, ridiculously optimistic, and bent on making the world a happier place.

    Your typical Fuzzball will probably have a completely bizarre sense of humor. Just go with it, it will take you to funny places.

    You should also be aware that Fuzzballs are giant nerds. Seriously. Science fiction, computers, the whole shebang.

    Fuzzballs are also budding photographers. They love looking at the world through a lens and finding new ways to be creative.

    Oh...and you can also look for a Fuzzball in one of the best movies ever made. ;)

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I love it!


Yippee! Thank you :D


Hi Tracy,

I wandered over from the Dooce Forums (http://dooce.migrantroo.com) :)

I like the design, although I have nothing to compare it to! Looking forward to reading more :)

-- Roo


Hey, thanks Roo! I appreciate the visit and the compliment. You're welcome here anytime. By the way, how INSANELY cute was that picture of Leta that Heather posted today? AAAAAAAAH I want a baby!

Oh, sorry. Pardon me while I go beat my ovaries into submission. They go haywire every once in awhile, as my Fuzzbuckets can attest. (Did that sentence make sense? I'm re-reading it and not liking it.)


Oooh! I love it! It looks like strawberry ice cream kinda :)


Excellent call, Erin. We'll call this the "Strawberry Shortcake" template :)

James Bond

El amor Secreto, Es un Amor Ardiente con Deseo

Strawberries? hmm My favorite Fruit of Fornication. I do not see women as Conquests by the way. I see them as Stars in the sky, Unreachable to Mankind. Just every now we get lucky. Women posses the power of fire, it can be used for Wonderful,Gorgeous things but when used wrong it can be a disaster. thanks for adding my blog dear. I neeeed the traffic. All the Bloggers seem to be male and are extremely jealous of my Charm and (Ego but ladies i'm humble) my British accent.

A secret Love is one Burning with Desire
Commander Bond


There you go. I got Darth Vader, but you get James Bond.


You have made this one big chic zone. What am I to do now?


Oh quit your whining, it's not a chick zone, I'm still the same crazy movie buff that you are :)


dear sister,

it's nice and all, but the white is still sooooooo whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite it's like the neverending story of white. like all the posts run together. maybe that's just me, though. i do love the new banner and color pink, so that definitely gets my vote. it matches your ipod. good job, cealie lee.

perhaps "with....luck 'DING!'" you can figure out a way to deal with your winter wonderland.



p.s. if i ever made a banner for myself, it would containt the three colors of the shirt i wore every single day for the year 1987. i still can't believe i wore the same shirt every single day. i was so the middle daughter from medium.


I don't want to be nitpicky here, but the other blog was EXACTLY THE SAME background. It was all white, remember? You can see what it used to look like if you go to the "about" page. Gary is still going to hang out there and educate people about all things Fuzzball.


yeah, but it is like being forced to sleep in a bed with flower sheets:)


Aw, just think of it as a chance to embrace your feminine side, Bombadil.


you're right, you're right, i don't know why this seems so different. maybe i'm getting old. old and blind. like nicodemus.

i apologize, i guess. sort of.

Col. Mustard: Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?

Wadsworth: You don't need any help from me, sir.

Col. Mustard: That's right!


Okay I've changed it again. Happy now, Nicodemus? Or do I have to drop a cinder block on your head and then have a swordfight with a hot rat named Justin? Because I'LL DO IT!! >:|


no need, no need.
you may think you need to enlist the aid of some highly intelligent, escaped lab rats that have built a subterranean society inside a rose bush near the farmer's garden who may in the future decide to help you physically move your house to repay a debt of gratitude to your late husband who made possible the rats' escape from the laboratory, but seriously. it's ok now.


I am happy that you are pleased. Now GIVE ME THE AMULET and go take care of your sickly little son.

T. Tommy

Uh, is this Pepto-Bismal pink? I figure you must have had a "vision" after your last lunch at the Chinese buffet.

T. Tommy

No, wait, it's the color of Benadryl!


Very nice! I definitely dig it.


I like the new weezer album


I promise, photos of my Prince will be up soon! I just have to TAKE some! (I'm always too busy kissing on him to take his picture, gimme a break!)

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