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What is a Fuzzball?

  • One question I hear more than any other is What's a Fuzzball??" Allow me to explain:

    A Fuzzball is a 30-year-old fallen debutante who lives in Houston, TX with a bossy dog and an even bossier parrot who she SWEARS is the reincarnation of Napoleon Bonaparte.

    A Fuzzball prefers animals to most people, because people can really suck sometimes.

    A Fuzzball loves music, ALL music ALL of the time. If she's not listening to it, then she's singing it.

    A Fuzzball has a mad love for all things British, especially their actors.

    A Fuzzball is blissfully happy in a bookstore, preferably one with good music playing in the background. If you look under a Fuzzball's bed you'll usually find an entire library of books that she has dropped there after falling asleep reading.

    Fuzzballs are usually incurable romantics, ridiculously optimistic, and bent on making the world a happier place.

    Your typical Fuzzball will probably have a completely bizarre sense of humor. Just go with it, it will take you to funny places.

    You should also be aware that Fuzzballs are giant nerds. Seriously. Science fiction, computers, the whole shebang.

    Fuzzballs are also budding photographers. They love looking at the world through a lens and finding new ways to be creative.

    Oh...and you can also look for a Fuzzball in one of the best movies ever made. ;)

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Was that from YOU? I love it!!!




Sounds like a perfect weekend. (I too, love Demolition Man, btw.) Except for Emma getting her ear pierced. I like the pirate idea, though. Besides the gold hoop earring she needs a do-rag for complete pirate effect. (OK, maybe just a bandana around her neck) You'll need to teach Monty to say things like "pieces o' eight" and "yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum" while he rides on her. ;-) Which reminds me...do you know about Talk Like A Pirate Day? It's September 19th and the website is here. The site is really a hoot. :-)


Bombadil: ahahahahaha "Deluminate" ahahahahaha-- Be well!


Sounds good... though being surrounded by all the meat... not sure i would have been so relaxed... unless there were plenty of cute cute boys around!...

Poor doggy... i like the sound of hoop earring... though maybe it will only cause more trouble... if she gets into another fight!...


What's up with .... all the seemingly ... random ... and dis ... tractive ... ellipses ... ?


Well I'm glad you're clarified that because I had my nasty email all written up, just ready to send. Not. I hadn't really thought that you'd put an earring through Emma's ear. That's more like something *I'd* do to my dog :-) Heh.


Regarding the ellipses: That's just how boo comments. I can't explain it, I just go with it.

Thas how she do, man!


make your own kind of music.


Sing your own special song.

Alvar Hanso

even if nobody else sings along.


People really thought you would pierce a dog's ear? Nice.

And a veg at a meat eating mecca? Interesting....


SFG: What can I say? I'm a mystery wrapped in an enigma, dipped in chocolate, then rolled in batter, and finally deep fried and served on a stick.

Man, I'm somethin' special. ;)


Grilled tofu!!!!! Yummy!!!!! With grated ginger and soy sauce!!!!!

(Sorry. The grilled tofu leaped out of your post at me and I got overwhelmed with exclamation marks. I didn't know anybody outside Japan liked grilled tofu. Also, now I'm hungry.)

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